Deny my feelings



I deny I’m over you

I’ve moved on I say

I deny my feelings are gone

I do something else to forget

But then I see you again

I deny to myself I don’t want you

Deep inside I know I do



Dream planet- A poem

colorful planetDream planet

A planet where no one is alone

A planet where people respect each other

A planet where everyone lives in harmony

A planet where there are no wars

A planet where people respect differences

A planet where nature is untouched

A planet where animals lives free

A planet where there are no diseases

A planet where love is all around

A planet where everyone is happy

That’s a dream planet I wish to live in


Never synchronized

red arrows planes

Never synchronized

Never happens at the same time

Meet someone special by chance

Be at the right time, at the right place

Never synchronized with anyone or anything

Am I cursed or is it just bad luck

For once I want to synchronize with something

Everything happens in a different beat

It happens to someone else but never to you

Never synchronized and it blows

It doesn’t give you happiness but it gives you hope

Things should synchronize at least once in life

Some have more luck than others but I have none

Maybe being synchronized isn’t meant for me