Advent calendar Box 22

advent calendar 22Torn

Torn between two worlds

The dream and the real

The fake is better

It’s a world with no worries

There are people in it but they’re nice

In the real, it’s all sorrow and pain

Torn between this and that

In a dream, you get what you want

Everybody follows the script

For real it’s not like that

People hurt you on purpose

Torn between two worlds

I want to live in both

An escape from this one is good

It makes you feel mentally stronger

It’s a gift and not a torn between two worlds


Advent calendar Box 13

advent calendar 13

Saint Lucy

Saint Lucy brings us light to the darkness of the world

Adults and children celebrate her inheritance during this day

December 13 is the longest night of the year

Her crown of light bring us joy and her singing keep our hearts soft

She died for her Christian beliefs but it made her a martyr

An urban legend maybe but to this day we celebrate her

Saint Lucy, the light of Christ is here to spread light all over the world

The Christmas is near and there shouldn’t be any fear

The light will show us the way and prove Saint Lucy didn’t die in vain


Advent calendar Box 7

advent calenday 7

The gorge of my soul

There’s a gorge in my soul

So deep it can’t be seen on top

I try to fill it with deny

But a person can’t live like that for long

The gorge of my soul can only be filled with your love

There’s a scrape in the plan

You’re not close and so ain’t me

The gorge in my soul is so deep

I never think it will be cured

I just have to accept there never be me and you