I loop you

loop collageI loop you

I can’t say I love you because I don’t know you

But I can say I loop you

It’s a feeling that come and goes

One day I think it’s gone but then it comes back again

I loop you so much I think I’m going mad

I’m not in love but it’s the feeling you give me

You’re worlds apart and we’ll never meet

There’s no end to this loop I’m going through

Out of sight out of mind but it doesn’t work

I loop you and I can’t stop

If this was love I would feel even bluer

Loving someone from afar is hard

But when I say I loop you it doesn’t feel so bad

I wish I could be the one that makes you smile

I know the difference between fact and fiction

What I think about you is not real but I can’t help it

I loop you and maybe one day that feeling is gone

I wish one day I found someone like you

But that’s a lost cause because you’re one of a kind

I loop you and that never seems to stop






Love me tender

love me tender roseLove me tender

Love me tender but love me hard

Be gentle but also be tough

I’m a tender rose but I also have thorns

I want tough love but I also want peace

Love me tender and make me proud

You’re something special and I need you

I want you to look at me the way I do at you

Love me tender and love me sweet

But like I told you I also want tough love

Zip it

candy on a canZip it

Why don’t you zip it?

I’m tired of your BS

Why don’t you grow up?

You’re no friend of mine

Why don’t you just zip it

How dare you treat me the way you do?

I hate it and I hate you

Zip it and leave me in peace

You think you’re all that

I’m not gonna waste my time on you

Go and disturb someone else

I don’t need losers like you

Why don’t you just zip it and let me be

I have a life, you don’t

How can you live with yourself?

Does it feel good to be stupid?

That’s what you are

Just zip it and leave for good

When you die, I’m gonna dance on your grave

That’s all you deserve

I wish our paths never met

I could have lived without your crap

You zip it and get out of my life