Enrolled into my mind

pen on a bookEnrolled into my mind

You enrolled into my mind without a warning

I should have known by now it’s all a dream

I think about you when I go to bed and when I wake up

Don’t think it’s much fun for me

Sometimes you appear in my dreams

I feel some kind of relief but then it hits me

You’re never gonna be near even if I want

Enrolled into my mind without shame

You won’t disappear as long as I let you

But it’s too hard to let go

It’s better to have feelings than no emotions at all

There will never be another you and that’s fact


Looking through the loophole

whole in windowLooking through the loophole

I don’t know what to post

All I can be is your host

Looking through the loophole

Makes me lose my self-control

I want to do so much

But I don’t have that golden touch

Someone is always better

Some are even a trendsetter

Looking through the loophole

Brings a big hole in my soul

Sometimes you just need to accept things

We all can’t be queens and kings

All I can do is bring joy to some

So anyone who likes, welcome


zig zag art


My feelings for you change like an undulate

One day I hate you, the next time love

It’s a rollercoaster of emotions

I hate feeling this way

I try to avoid you but you’re everywhere

Life would be easier if things were different

You would be here and I could show what I feel

But you would never feel the way I do

Sometimes I wish I never looked at you

If you only knew how crazy I am about you

This undulate in my heart is trembling inside

I try to get you out of my mind but I fail

I want to see you as a friend but I want more

You have spoiled my life and you don’t even know it

Things can never be the same again and I blame you

I can’t even despise you completely

No one is perfect but you almost are

I don’t even know if you’re real but I know how I feel

It will go away but for now, I have to go with the undulate