One Line Sunday- Some fame

tweet on tvThis is not a strategy to get more followers, but last night I got a tweet published on a Finnish TV program I watch and it wasn’t the first time either.

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A little less conversation, more action

two minions figuresNew post, new year. I hope you all had a safe new year. I went to see with my father a fireworks show for children at 6 pm at the park close by. It has become a tradition. All the fireworks are the same so that is all I really need. I stayed at my fathers place the rest of the evening. There was Junior ice hockey world championship on TV where Finland played against the USA. I ended my year with ice hockey and began with it. We lost though. Personally, the new year is just another day. Some people fuss about it but that’s not me. Some years I’ve been to see fireworks somewhere when the new year changes but sometimes I don’t bother. This time it was because of the ice hockey. The everyday life continues no matter what.

That was not the conversation I was going to write about. Living in a world where talking seems to be highly appreciated, is difficult for a person who doesn’t talk much. There’s nothing wrong if you like talking. The problem is more about the quality of conversations. People talk a lot of nonsense. A little less conversation and a little bit more action, please. Anyone can talk but how many can put those words into action? I rather show what I can do, rather than talk about it. When I was in that job interview, I don’t know if my replies were long enough. On job interview tips it says your replies should be about 1 minute or less. I wouldn’t even know what to say for that long. It’s easier to think what to say before but when the interview is on, all those thoughts are gone. I say things that come to mind and later I realise I didn’t mention something I should. Then it’s too late. I won’t be surprised if I don’t get a second interview.

I really feel stressed if other people are waiting for long answers from me. I’m not the best person to give speeches. You can always improve your conversation skills but it’s not easy for a person who only talks when they have something to say. Writing is so much easier because you can think before speaking and then you can delete or add words. Talking to someone you can’t take words back. Once you’ve said them, it’s all over. Especially if the conversation is with someone you will only meet once. Some people feel awkward if there is silent but they just have to get used to it. You don’t need to talk all the time. Even in libraries, you don’t have silence signs anymore. That’s one place that should be quiet but now they have all kinds of programs there. At least in our local library. There are silent places there too but they’re not that many. Whispering is a disappearing tradition. People are having conversations like they were in a dance club. Shouting and screaming like there is no tomorrow. Strange behaviour in a library. Good manners are hard to find.

If there were less conversation and more action, things should actually go somewhere. Especially, politicians. They talk a lot but a very few have any ideas how to make things better. We should this and we should do that but nothing ever happens. What works on paper doesn’t mean it will work in practice. If they have any ideas, it’s always someone who’s gonna suffer the most. All action doesn’t always help. Everything starts with a conversation and it’s only the brave who take action. You either just talk or take the bull by its horns. As long as someone takes the first step and others will follow. Which one will you be, is the question you should ask yourself. I prefer the action because a conversation is forced and I rather follow my own mind then what others expect of me.

Interests of mine

Interest collage
My interests

I’m one of those people who can’t do things that don’t interest me. No one can tell me what to do. I can’t be rushed. You can suggest things but never force me to do anything because that won’t make me do anything faster. I’m self-indulgent and I’m unhappy if I can’t do things I enjoy doing. Sometimes you have to do things that aren’t fun though. What I like about being an adult the most is the freedom to do what I want. If I don’t feel like cleaning up, I won’t do it. The same with food. I can eat what I like without having to hear anyone complaining about it.

My blog is mostly about my interests so I don’t need to write them down separately. I’ve never really had a hobby when I was a kid. I disliked doing things in groups. My mother tried to put me in a gymnastic group but I didn’t want to be there. I was about 3 years and I didn’t want to join the others so she gave up. I tried handball in 6th grade but that wasn’t for me. They say kids need a hobby but it had no effect on me. I turned good even if I didn’t have anything special. It’s only in my adult life that I started a hobby. It’s more of an interest really. Like this blog. I write about my interests as a hobby. Doing individual things has always been my thing.

I write about my
interests as a hobby.

I like doing things alone. I go to the movies (when there’s something interesting) Writing is a good alone time. It’s easier to concentrate on doing things when no one is there to disturb your concentration. What I dislike the most are interruptions. I can concentrate if the music is on but if someone talks, it’s then I lose it. One of the reasons why I enjoy photography is the solitude. I don’t photograph people because then you can’t be quiet. The best is when you’re alone and there’s only the quiet keeping you company. I don’t need to be on the internet when I’m outside. I love using it but there must be a limit somewhere. I don’t even own a smartphone. Some people seem to find more interest in their mobiles than their own safety. I’m not chained to my phone that much.

I wish my interests would turn into a job but then are they any fun anymore, is another question. You hear stories where people have turned their hobby into a job. In a way that would be kinda nice to get paid for a hobby. Then it’s not really a hobby anymore. Getting money from your interest is more intriguing though. It makes you feel more professional and people take you seriously. It’s more enjoyable to do something you’re interested in. I’m not as passionate as I should be about my interests but I know what I’m good at. I also know where I need to improve. I really need someone who believes in my abilities because if no one will, I’ll never get close to my wishes.