In his deep blue swimming pool

Post title “I Believe/All I Need to Know” by Duran Duran

I have all these thoughts that simmer in my mind about what I want to do in life. It’s a deep blue pool but I don’t seem to find a lifebelt to save me from drowning. When I do get an idea out there, it seems to disappear into outer space with the rest of them. It’s difficult to stay positive when life gives you sour grapes. I keep searching for something but I don’t know what it really is. I used to have doubts about this blog too. I didn’t think it would get this far but I didn’t give up. People have found it even if it did take about 4 years or so. At least it feels that long. I wish I could be as patient as I have been with blogging. It feels like my life is getting shorter and I don’t have time to do anything before I leave this earth. But it’s not the end. I still have at least 30 years left of working years.

My life hasn’t been the way I expected it to be. I thought I would have a career by now but it’s not even close. I have no special goals and I have no ambition. People at a young age know what they want to do and they get to a position where they get experience. There’s a lot of younger people than myself who works in web design and they’ve come much further because they started when they were in their 20’s. I’m not even sure now if I really want to be a web designer. It felt like a good idea earlier in the year but now my uncertainty has come back. Maybe I’m just afraid to start anything. Now I don’t have a teacher to help me. Everything seems easy in my head but when the time comes to do something, I back off. I wrote about the life after web design education in my other blog so I don’t want to repeat things.

You might think only ordinary people have problems getting started but it can happen to anyone. Even the most obvious ones. For example, you would think someone like Tom Hiddleston would have got movie roles easily but it isn’t so. They say he wasn’t made for the big screen and that he wouldn’t get roles in blockbuster movies. Or something like that. If he had given up a movie career, it would have been a great loss for all of us who like him. No one has said to me I can’t do it but I can imagine how it would feel like. When I hear stories like that, it gives me motivation to not give up. If I only had the courage to do something instead of complaining about how difficult things are. Maybe they’re not at all but my subconscious is holding me back. I got through difficult times before and I conquered them all. What I plan to do next shouldn’t be impossible. It might simmer but not boiling over. I need to stay grounded and better things will follow.


My worst critic is me

water drops

Have you ever thought you can’t do something no matter how hard you try? When things don’t go the way you plan it, you give up. No? Then it’s just me then. I’m my worst critic. My mother used to say I can do it but I’m haven’t been that confident. I know I can do things if I put my mind to it but I’m too critical of myself. Maybe I’m a bit of a perfectionist. You don’t see that in my daily life though. My flat is a mess. It’s more in my mind. Everything doesn’t need to be perfect. Except for paintings on the wall. A crooked picture is really disturbing.

Sometimes when I write fan fiction I feel satisfied with my work. But other people don’t give any criticism so I don’t know how to get better. I get likes and all that but I never get any real feedback. Not even any reactions. If I read my stories as another person, I would have a lot to say about the stories. People never think the same I do. I shouldn’t compare myself with other fan fiction writers but they seem to get more comments than I do. I wouldn’t even say they’re better at it. It depends on what you write about and who. I still will write and post my stories despite that. When I read my old stories, I do see I’ve got better. That’s what matters the most, that you see it yourself. Other people don’t need to tell me. Writing is probably the only thing I’m not critical of myself.

The same goes with photography. I hardly get any deep analysis online. A like or two but hardly any comments. Am I suppose to notice it myself if I got better? It makes me think if my photography is even any good or are they the same as any other. I should be satisfied with what I think about my skills and not about what other think. Once I got feedback but the person wasn’t even an expert on photography. They said they could have taken a photo like that. But it does take out the excitement out of photography when you hear a negative comment like that. I wanted to become a pro but now my thoughts have changed so I’m less critical of myself in that field. I’m torturing myself sometimes that I can’t get the photo I want. I’m the worst critic and I’m never satisfied with the outcome. If someone likes a photo, it’s only then I’m happy.

Once you get that “I can’t do it” you start to think you can’t. How would you know if you don’t try it? What I’ve learned through the years is when you fail, you try again. If that doesn’t work, try something else. Being critical of yourself helps you trying harder to get better at what you do. You’re never ready and learning new things keeps life interesting.