On the long run

cyclers from the back

I hate running so I would never take a marathon. But if it comes to movies, then yes I’m up for one. People who run marathons must have great willpower training for one for months. I’ve seen competitions on TV and it really takes a lot out of the runners. Us normal humans, even getting off the couch, is a challenge. Some have never exercised in their life so they can’t understand how much time and effort it takes. The runners also need to think about the heat and what to eat. If running a marathon was easy, anyone could do it.

I can have a listening to music marathon. I could listen to different music all day and not getting tired of it. At the same time, writing or doing something productive. If you run, it’s just that. When you watch a movie marathon, that’s the only thing you do. In that you need to concentrate. I love all the Lord of the rings and The Hobbit movie, extended versions. One of these days I will watch all six of them. It takes forever and the only thing that’s gonna get sore is my eyes and back. I’ve watched them separately but never together. You need time to watch something like that. That’s part of my retirement plan. If I ever get that far.

Sometimes I have writing fiction marathons. One story at the time of course. Ideas comes flooding no matter what time it is. Once you start you can’t stop. There is times I’ve haven’t slept all night because I got so much to write. I don’t want to lose the train of thought. When I got into that world in my mind, even a little distraction gets me irritated. It’s difficult to get that mood back again. That was something my mother couldn’t really understand. That’s why I’m a writer and only writer’s understand the flow you sometimes get. Having so much thoughts in your head, your hand or fingers can’t keep up. That’s kind of marathons I take part in. Running? Nah, I rather do it in my head.

Advent Calendar, Day 2

snow view
From winter 2014-15

Living in Finland means snow in the winter. In the south there’s not much of that anymore. It melts which is the saddest thing. Some people find snow cold and depressive but I love it. If there’s no snow, I won’t call it winter. This winter we already had some but it rained away. You can’t ski on it but it’s still white. It’s darker without it. At this moment there is some snow but it’s gets dark so soon so I haven’t had time to take new photos of it. It will probably melt again soon. The weather in Finland can be unpredictable. One day there’s rain and the next some sun.

Every Christmas there’s a question, will there be a white Christmas? If you want snow, it’s guaranteed you get that in the Northern Finland. The higher you get, the better there’s a lot of it. I won’t be home at Christmas so it doesn’t really matter if there’s snow or not. Snow is always welcome no matter where I’m going. It’s refreshing to see it during December though. Especially when it’s dark outside. Otherwise it would be grey and dull. I don’t understand those who complain about the cold. Have they never heard of jumpers and winter boots? That’s what makes it so unique to live in a climate with different seasons. There’s not a dull moment. Having snow is even better. Putting layers of clothes on is like wrapping presents. Love yourself and that also goes for covering yourself with clothes to keep warm. So let it snow. Kids love it so why not adults too.


Ps. This is my post-milestone-500-2xth post