Day 21&22:Falling behind on purpose

To tell you the truth, I’m a bit bored with this challenge thing already. Yesterday it was about Publicize but that’s what I’ve been doing from day one. I just didn’t bother writing about it.

And today it’s about joining a blogging event. Meh. Not very interested in that. I have enough of writing events of my own. I don’t even have that much to write about. And I rather just stick to those challenges I’m taking part already.

Yesterday I decided to watch something new. Something I haven’t watched before. Sherlock…

Oops, wrong post. Until next time 😉


I woke up

When other people have lunch, I wake up. That’s an achievement. Being unemployed has it’s advantages. Go to bed late and wake up late. You do what you want. Going out for a walk, go to the store, clean or just be.
But there’s also a disadvantages. You don’t earn your own money. You don’t meet other people. You feel like your life is going nowhere. Some take it harder then others.

Some people without jobs, stay inside all day or maybe sleep all day. That’s something I don’t understand. Everyday I see outside of my window, someone still awake. No matter how late it is, the light is on. Maybe someone who doesn’t have a job lives there. Who else would stay up that late.

What I learned from my mum was, if you wake up early, you get more things done. That’s what I’ve noticed myself too. Being unemployed doesn’t mean you have to be without doing nothing.

Day 20: Nothing to see here

Just this little poll