Zero to Hero challenge:Day 2

So I added a text widget about what this blog is about. I’m not very good at explaining things. I don’t even know what exactly I want to use this blog for. All I know is that, I don’t want to talk about my life (because it’s boring), today’s world news and all that serious stuff. There’s so many of those blogs out there already. And no “girlie” things either. Tomboy for life, as it says in the URL.

I don’t want to change the taglines because it’s good as it is. Why change something that is already good. In my opinion that is. And I have no idea what else it could be.

I’m not here to “collect” followers. It won’t crash my world if this blog won’t get noticed. So far, my goal is fulfilled. At least one has read it. Or more then one. Thank you 🙂

Who I am and why I’m here

So this is how the Zero to Hero challenge begins. This introduction is gonna be quite short. This blog is my 2nd attempt. First time I just gave up since no one seemed to care. I’m not a very patient person. But this time I won’t give.

Since I’m not new to blogging and already posted things about me, just read this and it tells you what this blog is about. And also on the right you can see stuff about me.

I apologise for the (maybe) confusing post. But my least favorite thing is introducing myself. I’m a private person and too personal issues is something I want to keep private.

On to the next challenge of Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog

A fresh start

2014, here I come. I’m such a lazy writer. But I have a good reason. My motivation has been low. It has nothing to do with not having a job. It has never been something I stress about. And has nothing to do with my mother passing away on December 15, 2013. She had cancer. She had been sick about a year. There was nothing the doctor could do. That’s just life. Some have the luck of surviving but she wasn’t one of them. Unfortunately. After having a cry 3-4 days in a row, I have started to feel better. It’s never nice when someone close to you dies. You just have to continue. There are times when those memories comes back to your mind. Maybe you cry and wish that person was still around. You never get over it, you just move on.

Anyway. I have always had motivation problems. Maybe because I like so many things. I need someone who lifts up my spirit. Encouragement is the word. I get bored easily. Sometimes I feel like a failure. Lot of people in my age (30+) already have careers but I have nothing. I don’t compare myself with others though. They also have families but that’s not what I want from life. Maybe I’m like Peter Pan, never want to grow up. I just have to be more brave. I’m not very sociable. Never had lot of friends but I don’t need much either. It might sound really sad that I have no one (except my dad) but that’s something I’m not depressed about. What’s more depressing, is that I can do lots of different things and studied but still can’t find a job. That’s my goal for the year. I want to earn my own money so that I can pay the mortgage (the flat I live in, was owned by my mother) and that I can buy a new flat somewhere else. I’ve told too much already 😉

Until next time. Might be tomorrow since I’m taking part of this Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog