Let me introduce


A country full of introverts

“Finland, Finland, Finland. The country where I quite want to be”

When mentioned Finland to foreigners, you either get “where’s that?” Or “would love to visit but it’s cold there” Some think it’s so far from everything or that it’s part of Russia. It is far from a lot of places, that’s true but nothing is too far these day. Part of Russia? No, that’s decades ago. Also a lot of people think it’s cold all the time. We do have 4 season. Which is part of the charm. You never know what kind of weather you get. It can get very hot in the summer or a little colder. It just depends on the year. We also have mild winters with no snow. If you want snow, North of Finland is the place. But even there, winters can be mild.

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Flash fiction

I’ve never written flash fiction before. But there’s always the first time. Remember, nothing of this has happened. At least not about the postcard. That’s all made up.

Postcard from Duran Duran

It’s year 2011. I’ve just got a concert ticket to see my favourite band Duran Duran. I’ve never been into big crowds so I’ve never been to a real concert before. But now I’ve decided to go. It’s not everyday your band is coming to your country.

It’s about 2 months to the concert but then something happens. The singer has a throat infection and a few concerts need to be cancelled. What will happen to the concert in my country? It doesn’t look good. The bands Facebook page is keeping the fans updated. More concerts are being cancelled. It really doesn’t look good. If the whole tour is in danger then my first ever concert won’t happen. There is some hope but the lead vocalist’s doctor has said he still need to rest his voice. A singer’s worst nightmare is loosing his/her voice for good. The fans really don’t want that to happen. Me included. If the tour will be cancelled, there’s nothing to be done. There’s still hope. The concert organisers in my country has said people should hold on to their tickets.

A few weeks later the news that the tour in cancelled has become reality. I feel disappointed but it’s for the better. Who knows, maybe one day the band will come here on their new tour. I continued with my life like usual.

A month later something drops in my mail box. There’s an envelope with a stamp with Queen Elisabeth on it. I don’t know anyone from the UK so it must be something important. I open the envelope and in it there’s a postcard with a picture of the band. I have to sit down to read it. A wide smile appear on my face and my eyes light up.

It’s a postcard from none other than Duran Duran. They apologise to me personally and promise to make it up for the fans somehow. I know it’s probably from the HQ but still. The autographs from all the members are real because they’re written with a pen. There’s also a PS. in the end of the postcard. They would send me a surprise later. Even getting a postcard from the band was absolutely amazing. I was forever grateful.