Weekly Writing Challenge: The Sound of Silence (or lack of it)

This subject fits me perfectly. I have never had any problems of being silent. I wish I could say the same about my neighbours. I live in an apartment building. It seems that people have the urge to bang their doors shut. Especially if people come home at 3 am and you hear “BANG!” Excuse me but are they stupid? You can come home quietly. No need to be so loud. It seems people have no respect for other people these days. It’s just me, me, me. I don’t know why people can’t come home silently. And then they talk in a normal voice in the stairs. At night when people are sleeping. Can’t people whisper anymore?

And then loud parties. Why do people play music so loud? Are they deaf? Maybe they are since they have to play it like that. If they want to have it loud, why not go to a night club or something. If you live in a building, you should live by the rules. If the silence starts at 10 pm, that means you shouldn’t play music too loud, shout, drill, hammering or anything that is too loud. Especially at weekdays when people have to work the next day. It seems in every house there lives a jerk. There are a few in my dad’s building too.

Summers are the worst. In my building lives a lot of students and they have their friends over. They spend hours on their balcony (smokers, who else :P) and talk out loud. And sometimes they shout as well. The street is usually quite silent at night so it’s easy to hear their voices. Nice to sleep when these idiots amuse themselves. Especially if it’s a hot night and you have to keep the window open. The noise and the awful smell of drugs, eh, cigarettes. How fun 😛

It’s been worse though. This guy who lived on the 2nd floor, used to have his friends over and boy were they noisy. Even in the middle of the week, they had their parties at night. They played their music so loud so it was heard up to my floor. And it wasn’t even real music, it was noise. I guess he moved out later but this other one moved in there and he was all the same. Maybe they were friends or something. Both of they are/were smokers too. What a bunch of chimneys in the building where I live 😛 But that’s another story.

There still lives those noisy people in my building but it’s not that often. One of those noisy ones moved downstairs some months ago. Not so much music but loud talking. That’s another noise factor. Sometimes it feels like the walls are made of paper but it’s not that thin. It’s only because they’re just noisy.

So no sound of silence there. It feels like people are obsessed with noise. They can’t even walk in the woods in silence. You would think adults would know better. It makes me think, if adults can’t stay silent, how would kids know how to. It’s up to the parents to teach their kids to appreciate it. Because schools can’t teach everything. If people would have a silence moment, they wouldn’t be so stressed. Maybe that’s the reason why noise is so important for some.

OMG, a famous person

I must have been a different teenager since I never went gaga over some celebrity. I had idols. I was one of those boy band fans. But I was never one of those hysterical ones. No way, that’s just an embarrassment. I had infatuations with band members and things like that. I didn’t understand all that screaming when they saw their idol. I thought that was just silly. I never went to any concerts but I saw those on TV. For example when Michael Jackson was on the stage, girls were crying their eyes out. What was the point in that? You’re having a time of your life and you’re crying? Pay for a concert ticket and all you do is that? You can just as well stay home and cry in front of your TV.

When people see someone famous, they get all excited. For what, because they’re famous? Do they have some magical dust that I don’t know of? Does it make you fly when you see someone famous? Or even touch one? I’ve seen famous people in real life and met a few (mostly Finns) but for me they’ve just like anyone. They just happen to be famous. No big deal. It’s usually teens that goes crazy when they see a celebrity but sometimes adults do too. It’s like they think they’re better people after they’ve seen or met one. People often forget that famous people are people too. They have bad days and good days. You can’t expect them to be nice all the time. I read about stories that fans complain that they met this famous person and they were really rude. After that they think he/she is like that all the time. It’s easy to judge someone you don’t know.

A good example of people exaggerating, is when a café in Helsinki posted a picture of Benedict Cumberbatch on their Facebook  (maybe to get more customers to their business) people just went crazy. Somehow, here in Finland it’s always a big deal when someone famous is seen the country. They got really curious about what the reason for his visit was. “Cumberhunt” as they call it. There’s always a nick name for everything, is there? Sometimes it feels like Finnish newspapers are run by fangirls and fanboys. Funny thing is, some people thought he was still in the country. Only fools would have believed that. The reason he was here, was because he’s the ambassador for Jaguar cars and they (actor Nicholas Hoult and movie director Eran Creevy) were testing new cars on ice and snow with a Finnish female rally driver and instructor called Minna Sillankorva. And it wasn’t even in Helsinki. It was in Hämeenlinna. Which is about 98 km, North from the capital. The hysteria is the reason things are never told when it’s happening. This just proves how popular Ben has become. And it’s not necessarily a good thing. E.g. it attracts so-called “crazy people”

It’s understandable that people get excited when they meet or see their idol but to get all crazy about it, that’s just weird. Seeing them on the street and be surprised they’re there. Like it’s some kind of a miracle that they go out in public. Luckily it’s only a small group of those “hysterical” fans. Most people are decent. Maybe they just want an autograph and leave. I never cared for those. The only time I would want an autograph from a celebrity, would be if I wanted them to sign a contract where they would promise to help a charity. Or something like that. And besides I would be too shy to ask for one or even speak to them. Has happened before. I would act the same way when I meet a person for the first time. It just depends on the person I meet.

If I ever met Madonna (she’s one of my idols) I would be too shy to even approach her. Not because she’s famous, because I’m always shy around new people. Even though I’ve followed her career, I don’t know her. I know I never meet her and I will never even try. There’s no point. I have a life. Unlike those who “stalk” their idols. Those are not fans. They’re something else. There’s got to be a limit somewhere.

The most pathetic losers are those who sell their “stories” to tabloids and that way get recognition. No wonder celebrities don’t want to date ordinary people. They never know who to trust. If I dated a “star” people would never know. No way I want to get that much attention. I would have no urge to tell anyone either. That’s why it’s called a private life. You neither keep it private entirely or brag about it. It depends how much attention you want. When people get famous, the media and the fans expect to know everything about them. I think  you don’t have to know everything. If they want to answer every question they’re asked, they have to meet the consequences. They do have a choice about how much they want to tell the media. It’s unnecessary to complain later, that they’re not left alone. You make your own bed.

Every job has its downside and for people in the public eyes, its people taking advantage of them. In the end, all they want to have some peace and quiet once in a while.

Weekly Writing Challenge: My Funny Valentine?

I hate Valentine’s Day with passion. That’s the most useless day ever. Why can’t people remember their friends and loved ones everyday? Must there be a special day for it? Here in Finland it’s been mostly been about friendship. It’s an American thing for being a day for lovers. It’s just another reason to make money. Even here shops is full of Valentine crap. When I was in school, we only made a Valentine’s day card to our friends and that was that. It wasn’t anything special.

These days there’s a lot of fuss about the day. I just want to close my eyes and which the day would be over. I don’t care about the day and wouldn’t care less if it was banned for life. It just isn’t my thing and never will be.