Advent calendar Box 16

advent calendar 16

Silent is golden, the saying goes. Some people seem to have forgotten that not everyone wants to make a big deal about themselves. Everyone doesn’t want to write and post photos of themselves on social media. Just because it’s there, it doesn’t mean you have to use it like everyone else. Introverts usually want to keep the most private things in private. Not everyone of course. There’s always one.

I don’t have the urge to talk about things that don’t really concern others. Besides, if you tell everything about yourself there is no mystery left. I’ve chosen to be silent on certain things. Sometimes I do tell about private things. Like the one with my sister and mother. But I wanted to share that so others could relate. I prefer posting my opinions more than facts about me. People who don’t know me think I’m always silent. If I was like that all the time, people would walk all over me. If someone tries to hurt me I defend myself. I think before I speak because if I said what was on my mind straight away, I would hurt someone’s feelings. What people mostly talk about is something I’m not interested in any way. When I suddenly say something other’s are surprised. I don’t know what’s so strange about that. I’m human and not a robot. I don’t need to follow the crowd. I say something when I have an opinion. If it’s a subject about I have no experience of, I don’t take part in the conversation. People should stop wondering why some people don’t say much. Instead, they should accept that not everyone has an opinion on everything they talk about. We’re all different and that shouldn’t even be an issue. Why must there always be noise anyway?

Sometimes silence is good. No one plans a murder out loud. That’s something I saw on Pinterest once. Actually, when I plan something, I keep it close to my chest. I don’t even tell people I know. I’m also good at keeping other people’s secrets. Who would I tell anyway? I wouldn’t post it on social media, that’s for sure. I have respect for other people’s privacy. If it’s about something illegal or someone hurting someone, then I won’t be silent. I have morals and I don’t accept everything. No one should be treated badly. I can sympathize with people who are being hurt. If you keep everything silent, nothing will get better. 


Advent calendar Box 14

advent calendar 14May the force be with you. I went to see ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘ today. The movie series is a legend in itself. This is not a movie review so there won’t be any spoilers. What I will say is, when I saw Carrie Fisher on the screen, I did feel sadness she’s no longer with us. She was a legend and so is Mark Hamill. So it was great to see those two on the screen together for the last time. I really liked the movie. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

The force is real in this life too. It’s the force within you. You can either give up or you can keep fighting to the end. If you give into negative thoughts, you will fall to the dark side. Meaning, you can begin to hate and do awful things to other people because all those negative thoughts had taken over your mind. If you have more positive thoughts, you stay on the good side. You don’t get manipulated easily by negativity. A strong person has good willpower and walks their own path without caring what others might think. A person who has in their own mind been treated wrongly begin to treat others like dirt. But if a person is strong, they understand they can’t change the past. It’s the positive force in you that keep you away from harm.

I think my force within has become stronger. It hasn’t always been like that. There have been times I felt I wasn’t good enough. I still have those moments when everything seems too impossible and I just want to quit. But I haven’t felt desperation. People who have done me wrong haven’t been around in my life for years. The best revenge has been not having any contact with those people. They never did deserve my friendship or any of my time. If life was a movie, I would be a very bad villain. I just wouldn’t care how people have treated me in the past. I would have moved on ages ago. A character like Kylo Ren who hasn’t got away from his past but instead decides to get revenge. That’s a typical villain that you see in movies all the time. If you sink that low, nothing will change. Hate is a wasted feeling which is why I don’t dwell on something that has already happened.

One thing that I will say about ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’. There is no post-credit scene so no need to stay to the end. That was just an observation. May the strong force be within you and be your own legend.

Advent calendar Box 13

advent calendar 13

Saint Lucy

Saint Lucy brings us light to the darkness of the world

Adults and children celebrate her inheritance during this day

December 13 is the longest night of the year

Her crown of light bring us joy and her singing keep our hearts soft

She died for her Christian beliefs but it made her a martyr

An urban legend maybe but to this day we celebrate her

Saint Lucy, the light of Christ is here to spread light all over the world

The Christmas is near and there shouldn’t be any fear

The light will show us the way and prove Saint Lucy didn’t die in vain