Weekly Writing Challenge: My Funny Valentine?

Here the day is again but my views never change.

In my world

I hate Valentine’s Day with passion. That’s the most useless day ever. Why can’t people remember their friends and loved ones everyday? Must there be a special day for it? Here in Finland it’s been mostly been about friendship. It’s an American thing for being a day for lovers. It’s just another reason to make money. Even here shops is full of Valentine crap. When I was in school, we only made a Valentine’s day card to our friends and that was that. It wasn’t anything special.

These days there’s a lot of fuss about the day. I just want to close my eyes and which the day would be over. I don’t care about the day and wouldn’t care less if it was banned for life. It just isn’t my thing and never will be.

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My last post of 2015

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My annual 2015 Report

I was just lazy to write a post about 2015 in blogging. And since WordPress already did the job for me.

So have a happy rest of 2015. If you’re already in 2016.


Thank you all for following. See you in later alligator.


2016 and beyond

Not talking about the year. I mean the WordPress theme, Twenty Sixteen.
It was time for a new layout. Year is soon over and I wanted a change. Is it good? The layout that is. Not the change even if that’s good too 😀

This layout will do for now. I don’t know what people think about changing the layout of things too often. If it’s after a week or two then that’s too often. But if it’s change 6 months or a year, that’s not bad. It works better for blogs. Websites are different. Some sites look the same for years.

I don’t know how much people look at blog layouts. Do they even visit the blog itself or just read posts on Reader. Personally I do both. If you only read a posts on Reader, you won’t see beyond the blogger. A good layout tells a lot about a person. If it’s sloppy done, it tells you, the blogger doesn’t really bother. If it’s well done, it tells you this person made an effort. Blogging is just not about writing. You also need to look at your layout.

Like I said, the year is soon over and it’s time to look back. Last year I did a review of my blogging year. I don’t know if I’ll do it this year. There’s a lot of work but it’s also interesting what you’ve written during the year. You don’t remember everything you’ve blogged about. I sure don’t. There’s still left to say so I won’t do it just yet. It’s never too early to start going back in time though.