Guilty of loving you

heart shape cuffs rose

Guilty of loving you

You’re my guilty pleasure but I’m not ashamed

I’m only guilty of loving you

I think about you day and night

I’m not in love but love is what I feel

You got that something but I can’t explain what

I wish you would want me the way I do

But you’re somewhere else and not here

I’m guilty of loving you so arrest me

If you only knew how crazy I am about you

No one has ever made me feel this way

You give me thoughts no one else does

If you don’t already know I’m guilty of loving you both



Rebel – The poem

rebel peace fingers


Rebel against society

Rebel against the people who hate

Rebel against cruelty to animals and kids

Rebel against gender roles

Rebel against life rules

Rebel for humanity

Rebel for your believes

But mostly rebel against those who try to change you

Glimmer in your eyes

glitter and glimmerGlimmer in your eyes

I’ve never seen the same glimmer as I see in your eyes

That glimmer anyone could fall for but it hit me

I could have just walked away but I couldn’t help myself

The glimmer in your eyes got me hooked

I try to find the meaning of life and then there’s you

Running through my mind with every other thought

Only one look in your eyes could make me crazy

If you were mine I would never let you go

I want to see that glimmer in your eyes forever