Zip it

candy on a canZip it

Why don’t you zip it?

I’m tired of your BS

Why don’t you grow up?

You’re no friend of mine

Why don’t you just zip it

How dare you treat me the way you do?

I hate it and I hate you

Zip it and leave me in peace

You think you’re all that

I’m not gonna waste my time on you

Go and disturb someone else

I don’t need losers like you

Why don’t you just zip it and let me be

I have a life, you don’t

How can you live with yourself?

Does it feel good to be stupid?

That’s what you are

Just zip it and leave for good

When you die, I’m gonna dance on your grave

That’s all you deserve

I wish our paths never met

I could have lived without your crap

You zip it and get out of my life



You make me jolt

blue white zig zagYou make me jolt

Every time I see you, I jolt inside

It’s like an electric shock through my veins

I close my eyes and think of you

You’re an addiction I can’t get over

My head spins when you talk and not forgetting your walk

You make me jolt and it’s all your fault

I don’t blame you, I blame myself

I should know better by now I can’t get what I want

The jolt I feel inside is something no one else can give

You’re like a magnet I can’t get off no matter how hard I try

You make me jolt and I can’t help it

All I can do is accept the truth that we’ll never meet







Minimal chances

small man statueMinimal chances

I did it again and I know my chances are minimal

But I can’t help myself for looking at you

Every time I’m amazed and think are you for real

My chances are less than minimal because you’re far

We’ll never meet I know but I don’t won’t give up hope

I get minimal chances if you suddenly appear but ain’t happening

It’s only in my head you’re with me and I wish it was real

Some things are impossible to get and one of them is you

The only thing I can do is admire from a long distance

Therefore my minimal chances are low