One Line Sunday- Presidential elections

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I don’t have the slightest inkling how the presidential elections in Finland will go today but I hope there won’t be a second round.


Author: Mia

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3 thoughts on “One Line Sunday- Presidential elections”

  1. Not a fan of politics. I can see how one would not want it to spill over into days on end. Are your politics as annoying as ours has been in the US? Hope it ends well for all in Finland. 🧡🕊


    1. It’s boring everywhere. I only care about the presidential one. US politics seems complicating. So compare to that our system is easier but not easy.


      1. Seems peaceful comparatively. Yes. US is complicated and corrupt. The quote about power absolutely corrupting is absolutely true. Sad for people to contend with the deceit when they follow the laws… best 🎶🎶

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