Suit you, Sir

man in suit

Who can resist a man in a suit? A suit is some kind of uniform, isn’t it? Uniforms that are used in occupations are a bit of different thing. Those does nothing for me. Unless it’s in other circumstances but that’s another story. A man who knows how to dress is nice. When I see girls walking with their boyfriends with baggy pants, I think she’s not dating him for his style that’s for sure. If she did she would at least tell the guy how to dress. I wonder how men who can’t dress even gets dates. You can be as good-looking as you can but if you have no style, what’s the point going out at all. You don’t have to follow fashion and wear the latest trends but at least you should dress decently.

I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of person. I wasn’t into men in suits before but as I got older, I learned to like it. Suits are not only worn at parties and other gatherings. It can be used daily. The best look on a man is in a suit without a tie and the shirt is undone. That makes my knees weak. It depends on the man though. If it’s someone I fancy, it’s more effective. Work uniforms are just something to show what kind of job they do. But a man in a suit, now that’s something that makes my day.









Author: Mia

My primary blog 'In my world' is about things I like. Not so much personal stuff. I'm a private person and I want to keep it that way. Also visit my 'MiaPhotolio', 'My Web Design Haven" and 'Fan Fiction Haven'

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