Tweeting does pay off sometimes


Fame at last! 😀 I knew my tweet about Game of Thrones would end up on air but I didn’t know when. What a surprise to see 40 notifications. I forgot all about this tweet so I didn’t really know why I had that many. I never get that much. Most of the time my tweets don’t get that much attention. Twitter can be a great place with so many great people in it. I’ve never had this many retweets and likes before. What a great way to come on Twitter and see that. That’s the best news in a while.


I can’t believe season 5 is on in a few days. I have to wait until Monday to see it though since it’s not on TV over here yet. But it’s all worth it.


Author: Mia

My primary blog 'In my world' is about things I like. Not so much personal stuff. I'm a private person and I want to keep it that way. Also visit my 'MiaPhotolio', 'My Web Design Haven" and 'Fan Fiction Haven'

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