Followers, those who makes a difference

Not changing the world and things like that. I mean followers like you have on Facebook or Twitter. And even better, followers on

Never did I expect so many people being interested in my blog. When I started, I didn’t post that often. I just didn’t have the motivation. I also had other things to think about.
I think all these writing challenges have helped. Zero to Hero and weekly writing challenge. I’ve never had the same response on FB and Twitter. I also think (w) is so much better. Just blogs in general. I might not have the most talkative followers but it doesn’t matter. As long as someone likes what I write. I can’t say that enough. And people really do. A lurker is better than no lurker at all.

So thank you for following and please continue to do so.

As Adam Lambert sang “I’m here for your entertainment”


Author: Mia

My primary blog 'In my world' is about things I like. Not so much personal stuff. I'm a private person and I want to keep it that way. Also visit my 'MiaPhotolio', 'My Web Design Haven" and 'Fan Fiction Haven'

I know you're there. Why do you linger in the shadows?

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