Privacy is my right and so is yours

whatever-is-private-will-remain-privateEveryone has the right to privacy, even people in the public eye. It’s your choice what you want to tell people. You don’t need to tell anything about yourself if you don’t want to. People think just because someone is famous, they have the right to know everything about them. You don’t need to know everything. If someone elses life is that important, then your own life must be miserable. They should really get help because following someone elses life too closely is not healthy. Those who spread rumours around must just be jealous of the person. People have the urge to speculate about which celebrity is dating who. That’s no one elses business but their own. There are more important things than someone’s dating history.

I try to keep my life private. That’s because I’ve had people in my life that I lost my trust in. I’m careful what I tell about myself to new people. You could say I have trusting issues. I’m trustworthy myself. If someone tells me a secret I never tell anyone but I can’t trust another to keep my secret. Even if the person says I can trust them, I still don’t believe them. I really need to know the person very well before I can confide in them.
Even if I say it myself, I could date someone in the public eye because I would never tell anyone. Who would I tell anyway, I don’t have any close friends. If I had I would still keep it to myself no matter how happy I would be. I’ll never meet one anyway and if I did, you would never see me in parties or premieres. Those things freak me out. I don’t really like the word, celebrity. It sounds and looks like they are people from another planet. In a way they are but in the end they’re only human who just happens to be famous.

On social media like Facebook I have my privacy restricted so only my followers can read it. Some things you just don’t want everyone to see. But on Twitter it’s all public because if it was restricted, there wouldn’t be a point for me to use it. I wouldn’t get enough of reaction if only my followers would see what I tweet about. Sometimes I get likes and retweets from who doesn’t follow me but there wouldn’t be much if I had it in private. On Twitter I don’t post so-called sensitive issues. Except this blog post. I still won’t post too private things to this blog and even less on social media. Privacy is my right and so is everybody elses. It only depends how you use it online. Tell it all or keep it to yourself. It’s your life and you can do what you like with it.

I feel so exposed

Stockholm in the mist

I joined PayPal the end of last year because I needed the Adobe Creative Cloud programs for my web design education. I had to add my debit card so they could charge me for the rights to use them. I’ve always doubted the security to use a debit or credit cards online. I thought long and hard before I signed in. Things went like it should. But I noticed something on my bank account. Something called GOOGLE *LINE Corp had charged me a lot of times with small sums of euros in one day on Monday (Jan 16). This is exactly what I was worried about that some weird money loss will happen. I feel so exposed and I don’t what I’m gonna do. It’s the weekend and the bank is closed. I tried to find a solution online but I didn’t find a straight answers. There’s nothing in Finnish either. I didn’t have anything of this until I joined PayPal. I don’t even know if that’s the problem and I don’t even know if this thing will keep charging me. It’s not the real Google and I have never bought anything else online with a card than Adobe CC.

I don’t want to be one of those people who looses all of their money because of some scam. Is this even one of those? I’m not gonna wait until that. I don’t even know if I get that money back and how much I lost. It’s such burden to handle problems like this. I don’t want to delete my PayPal account because I really want these Adobe programs for my education. That’s not the problem though. PayPal is supposed to be save. A lot of people are using it for their business. I really hope this GOOGLE *LINE Corp won’t cause anymore problems. You never think you’re the person who need to worry about fraud and things like that. The strange thing about these charges is that they were all done in one day. I don’t know where they got my account number and why it happened in the first place. I never put any account numbers anywhere online. Not even phone numbers. Security is very important to me when it comes to internet. I never expose anything personal like that and no one can fool me to do so.
All I can do is hope because I can’t do anything about this until next week when the bank is open again. That’s the only solution I have to get this thing sorted out. Internet is no help at all. You think you find everything on Google but that’s no entirely true. At least not in this case.

An advice to you all. Never post anything security related online. No passwords or social security numbers. If someone asks your password, never tell. Banks never asked their clients that. There are people who have fallen for scams because they trust other people too much. Anyone can fall for that if they’re not careful.
You should never send money to someone you barely know. They’re called con-artists and there’s a lot of those online. The victims are usually female who fall for someone’s charm. Only a fool would trust a stranger. So don’t be one. Like Kim Wilde once sang ‘Never trust a stranger‘ Being careful is never a bad thing. So stay safe.


Things I could reblog but it deserves a new post

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Long title I know but this really deserves a new post. The reblog thing on WordPress is not very nice. Especially when the post have questions I want to answer. First of all, a big shout to Okoto for being such a great person and also because these questions are really good. So good and interesting that I have to answer them. So thank you again, Okoto 🙂

So here they are.

Q1. What is the one blogging goal you hope to achieve this year?
I never have any goals. Not in real life nor blogging. I can always wish things but I wouldn’t call them goals. I hope I will keep on blogging. It’s still a hobby and I won’t make a career of it. It won’t even be part of anything. It’s an escape from the real world.

Q2. What is your biggest fear about blogging this year?
It’s not a fear. I’m fearless when it comes to that. The only fear I have is if I’ll won’t have access to the internet. I’m busy with school and the internet is slow in the dorm. I moved to another room in another building and there it’s even slower. I can only write the blog in class after school and then of course at home at the weekend. In a way it’s nothing to be afraid of. I’ll still have internet but the problem can occur if I blog rarely and people might stop following.

Q3. Which do you think matters more? Views or followers? 
It’s a bit of both. It doesn’t matter how many followers I have. All I care about is that someone gives comments. There’s no point of having a lot of followers if none of them interact. You can have followers but who really knows if they really read your blog. I like small crowds anyway. A small circle is more intimate. Views are nice to look at but it doesn’t prove anything.

Q4. What do you wish you could get rid of on your blog? And why? 
I wish I could get rid of spam. I want real comments. And why? Well, who loves spam anyway 😉

Q5. Has blogging helped you become more social in person?
No, not through blogging. I’m an introvert and I’ll never be more social. You only get more social if you spend time with people in real life. I’m still the same person I was before I started to blog. But since my mother died, I had to be more social and it’s also because I’ve got older. It gets better with age.

So there you have it. Not really excited answers, are they? 😀 But I’m not here to please everybody. Each to their own.