You got style


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Style Icon.”

Oh well not quite. I don’t have a style. I don’t follow fashion either. I wear what I feel comfortable in and that the colors match. Buying clothes has never been my favorite thing. Actually I hate shopping. “Can I help you?” is the worse thing I know. If I want help I ask for it. I don’t want the sales clerk to stand in my face. When I was younger I felt really uncomfortable if they came and asked if I wanted help. Now it’s easier. I haven’t bought clothes in a few years from a store. My mother and I had the same shoe size and clothes size. So when she died I inherited her clothes that I can wear.
I don’t buy clothes online either. A few T-shirts (Game of thrones) but that’s about it. I rather try the clothes before I buy them. If I buy any in the first place.

If I should have a style it would be sporty. I don’t wear skirts or tight clothes. I’m more of a jeans and T-shirt kind of person. Once a tomboy, always a tomboy. I’ve never been into girly stuff and I’ve never worn high heels. They’re too ugly for my taste. Besides walking in cosy sneakers is more comfortable. Especially when cycling and walking of course.

The idiom, clothes makes the man (women in my case) doesn’t apply to me. I don’t dress to impress. I dress the way I want, not what others are expecting me. I never go to special occasions or parties anyway. Even if I was invited I wouldn’t go. You’ll never see me in a dress and that’s a fact. That’s just not my style.


It’s been one week since

It’s one been one week since I posted a proper blog post. I just don’t have anything to write about. At least not finishing one. I quite a few in the drafts but I never seem to finish them. I don’t know why I’m writing this. It’s not anybody is that interested. Sooo sleeepy.

Are you still up? Damn this free writing. It’s not going very well. Maybe because my head is empty when it comes to say something. I can’t even type right. It’s not much of a free writing if I keep checking the spelling. Sometimes my fingers are stiff but sometime they run like water. Are you still up? It’s been one week since, is a Barenaked Ladies song. Maybe I should start my subject lines with song titles. Like I had on LiveJournal. That was ages ago. WordPress is the same, not very many comments. That was one of the reasons I quit using it in public. I still have it. LJ that is. I just write there in my mother tongue and things I rather not want other people to read.

OK now the free writing works like a glove. I have no time how long I will write this. Is anybody still with me? Or should I even ask. Hello, anybody there? knocking on your head To the shit on the radio. Sorry listening to Robbie Williams. Loved him since Take That. A band that still around but now they’re a 3some. Not that kind of 3some :D This is not about sex. Even if they were sexy at the time but now they’re a different kind of sexy. Take That concert in the movie theater was awesome. It was like you were there. Except that it wasn’t. It wasn’t even live. OK you know nothing about that concert since I haven’t written about it.

Now my fingers are getting tired. I don’t really care if anybody reads this. I will not stress about it. Great if you do read it. Even though I like comments, likes are OK too. Thanks for still following though. I won’t say I love you since I don’t know any of you.

Over and out!