Living without a sidekick

I’ve never had a “sidekick” I’ve had friends but it always ended in tears. Not actual tears. I’m too strong for that. They only pretended to be friends. The only real friend I’ve had moved to another city after 1st grade. We went to the same preschool. She could have been my sidekick. I was so upset she left so when she called me, I didn’t want to talk to her. Maybe we wouldn’t have kept in touch anyway.

In Elementary school I had a friend who I spent time with after school. But she always wanted me to take money to school so we could buy candy. At the time I didn’t realise that she was just using me. She also talked behind my back to another school mate. Our class was quite close so I did have other friends. But no sidekick there either.

When I had to repeat 4th grade, I lost touch with my old class but I got new friends. Or so I thought. In 6th grade everything changed for some reason. I become an outcast. No one wanted to be my friend. Group assignments were the worst. I hated them. At the same time school become more reluctant. I learned, I better be off without friends. They just deceive you anyway.

But I did get new friends when I got to Secondary school. The class was much smaller and my class mates were much nicer. There was boy I became friends with but I wouldn’t call him a sidekick.

Having friends and having a sidekick is different things. I’ve never had the latter and I don’t think I’ll ever find someone like that anyway. I’m used to being a loner. It might sound sad to some people but I’m no people person anyway. You could say, I’m my own sidekick. I don’t need a sidekick to feel better about myself. So far I haven’t needed one either. I’m not Sherlock or Batman after all.

“Death is nature’s way of saying, “Your table’s ready.”

It was a shock when I read about Robin Williams death last night. I was watching TV late at night and I saw the news that he had died. I just couldn’t believe it. Even though I never knew him, it still felt like I’ve lost a friend. For me he was the king of comedy. He was the one that everyone admired. He was a great actor and a great person. His interviews were never dull. Even if an interview were about serious topics, he still could lighten up the situation. Maybe that was his downfall. Everybody expected him to be funny all the time. His talent was both a blessing and a curse. It must have been overwhelming. I sympathise with his wife and his children since I know how it feels like. No matter what way a person dies, it’s always sad. Let them mourn in peace.

Suicide is never the answer but if you’re deeply depressed, it can feel it’s the only solution. No one really knows what a person is really feeling. You can have everything but still miss something. I can’t even imagine how it feels to be that depressed since I have no experience of that. Everyone feel depressed sometimes, me included. But I get over it by watching comedy. Watching Robin Williams. Maybe there should have been someone like him for him too.

Like his wife, Susan Schneider said in her statement.

“As he is remembered, it is our hope the focus will not be on Robin’s death, but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions.”

And boy did he make us laugh.I don’t remember exactly where I saw him for the first time. It must have been in Mrs Doubtfire. I’ve seen that movie a lot of times and it still makes me laugh. I also love him in The Birdcage with Nathan Lane. So hilarious. He could also do serious characters. Like in One hour photo and Good will hunting. I recently saw his appearance in Law and order: Special Victims Unit where he played a creepy guy. The episode is called Authority in case someone wants to check it out. There you can see what a versatile actor he was.

I’m not gonna feel sad about his death. I want to remember how he made us laugh until we wet ourselves. He’s gone but we still have the memories. We should celebrate his achievements and the person he was. We should all look up to the stars.

RIP Robin Williams. Your table’s ready.